MakerDAO Unveils 5-Phase Roadmap to Fund Open-Source AI Projects

  • MakerDAO, the DAO behind Dai and Maker governance tokens, recently announced a roadmap called “Endgame” with 5 phases.
  • The first phase of Endgame will involve a rebrand to unify the Dai and Maker brands.
  • The roadmap also includes plans for 6 Maker SubDAOs, AI tools, and open-source AI development projects.

MakerDAO Publishes 5-Phase Roadmap

DAI stablecoin proprietor MakerDAO recently released its five-phase “Endgame” roadmap that focuses heavily on artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. The plan includes a “full rebrand” of Dai (DAI) and Maker (MKR), two new tokens with updated features referred to as “NewStable” and “NewGovToken,” six Maker SubDAOs, AI tools to optimize governance tasks, and open source AI development projects.

Rebranding Dai & MKR

The first step in the Endgame plan is to unify the Dai and Maker brands under one roof. Per an official forum post written by co-founder Rune Christensen, both tokens will remain unchanged but two new tokens with updated features will be created. NewStable will enable unlimited 1:1 conversion to Dai while NewGovToken will act as an incentive for users who participate in governance decisions.

SubDaos & Token Farms

To streamline workloads and complexities within their organization, MakerDAO has planned for six SubDaos that are split between facilitator and allocator DAOs. These SubDaos will be accompanied by token farms which are designed to incentivize users who help maintain stability within the system.

AI Tools & Open Source Projects

In order to further enhance efficiency within their ecosystem, MakerDAO plans on launching multiple internal AI tools which are used for monitoring purposes as well as data siloing. Alongside this they also intend to enter into open source AI development projects such as The Pursuit Project in order to create more efficient machine learning models.

By introducing these updates through their five-phase Endgame roadmap, it seems that MakerDAO is setting out on a mission not only to preserve their current products but also make them better through the use of innovative technologies like artificial intelligence; ultimately creating an even stronger foundation for the future of their organization.

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