The 2023 Top 100 Crypto Heroes and Villains Revealed!

  • Cointelegraph released its 2023 Top 100 list ranking the most impactful heroes and villains in crypto space.
  • The list is being revealed in batches of 10, counting down from 81-100 and 71-80.
  • Notable figures such as Alex Gluchowski, Cathie Wood, Arthur Hayes and Mitchell Amador are featured on the list.

Who is on Cointelegraph’s 2023 Top 100 List?

On Feb. 8, Cointelegraph released its annual Top 100 list of the most impactful heroes and villains for 2023. The list started at No. 81 with BitMEX co-founder Arthur Hayes and tennis star Maria Sharapova. It then unveiled rankings 81–90 which include entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk and Immunefi founder Mitchell Amador. Even pseudonymous players like The Crypto Dog were included on the list, as well as concepts such as energy-sensitive green tokens. On Feb. 10, Cointelegraph drew back the curtain on rankings 71–80, revealing names such as Alex Gluchowski, CEO of Matter Labs, who was ranked No. 77; Adam Back who was ranked No 74; Cathie Wood at spot No 72; and more.

Impact of Figures Featured in List

The people included in this year’s installment have had a major impact within the crypto space through their actions and headlines in 2022 which will carry into 2023. BitMEX co-founder Arthur Hayes has caused much controversy throughout his tenure due to his involvement with BitMEX’s legal issues over AML/KYC violations which led to him stepping down from his role at BitMEX earlier this year. Similarly, entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk has been making waves by advocating for Bitcoin adoption through his Twitter account where he recently announced that he had purchased another $1 million worth of BTC following his previous $1 million purchase last month..

Pseudonymous Players Featured

In addition to featuring prominent figures within the crypto space such as Cathie Wood (Ark Investment Management) or Alex Gluchowski (CEO at Matter Labs), Cointelegraph also highlighted those that remain anonymous—such as The Crypto Dog who took spot No 83 on the list—which shows that pseudonymous people can still make an impact even without widespread recognition or fame outside of their respective communities..

Energy Sensitive Green Tokens Concept Included

Besides featuring prominent individuals within the space including entrepreneurs or CEOs of companies, Cointelegraph also included ideas or technologies such as energy-sensitive green tokens concept taking spot 86th on the list—demonstrating how technology can be just as influential when it comes to driving innovation in crypto..


Cointelegraph’s 2023 Top 100 List is filled with notable figures ranging from entrepreneurs to pseudonymous players who have had an immense influence in reshaping how blockchain technology is used today — showing what kind of mark these powerful individuals have made for themselves throughout 2021 and are expected to carry into 2022 .

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